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Floor Plans and Pricing

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Rate Comparison is based on 2010- 2011 KSC Residential Life Rates. 2011-2012 KSC rates will increase.

$7,882Cost Per Year for Pond Side Single
$2,942Minimum 12 Meal Flex Plan required by KSC if living in Dorms.
$10,824Total Cost to live on campus. Divided by 7 months of actual time spent on campus in your dorm room.
$1,546Actual monthly cost to live in single dorm room. (Cost Per Person)

We have an apartment to fit every budget. Depending on your Apartment choice your monthly rent can range from as little as $450 up to $825 per month/person. Compared to living in a single on campus this leaves you with as much as $1,096 extra per month for your living expenses! Your rent includes water, sewer, rubbish removal, snow removal, exterior landscaping maintenance, interior common area cleaning, coin-operated laundry onsite and all general maintenance. The tenant is responsible for Telephone/Cable/Internet service and utility usage. Your monthly heat and electricity costs can be negotiated into your rent payment if you prefer.

A detailed version of the floor plans with room dimensions is available in PDF format.

Unit 101      
2 Bedroom

Unit 102      
2 Bedroom

Unit 103      
3 Bedroom

Unit 201      
2 Bedroom

Unit 202      
2 Bedroom

Unit 203      
3 Bedroom

Unit 204      
2 Bedroom

Unit 205      
2 Bedroom

Note: Drawings not to scale. Drawings shown are for marketing purposes only. Actual conditions may vary.

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